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About the Editor(s)
Table of Contents

An established journal for over 40 years, Nutrition Today publishes articles by leading nutritionists and scientists who endorse scientifically sound food, diet and nutritional practices. It helps nutrition professionals clear a pathway through today's maze of fad diets and cure-all claims.

Lively review articles cover the most current and controversial topics, such as the role of dietary fiber in cancer, as well as news about people, meetings, and other events that affect the field. The journal features solicited and submitted original articles, reviews of nutrition research findings, and summaries of symposia.

An individual subscription includes 6 print issues plus full-text online access to all current and back issues.
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--Coverage of food safety, exercise, genetics, supplementation life cycles, rehabilitation, aging, infancy, immunology, intervention programs, obesity and eating disorders, nutrition policy, and education
--Reviews of nutrition research findings
--Summaries of symposia
--Special columns include:
  • Nutrition/Behavior/Performance: latest on eating disorders plus how nutrition can affect both mental and physical performance.
  • Food Science: the best in biotechnology, functional foods, nutraceuticals, engineered foods and new food products
  • Nutrition and the Life Cycle: advice ranging from pregnancy and lactation through geriatrics
  • Business and Nutrition: discusses how the food industry influences the public’s view of nutrition.

--Online access to current and past full-text articles.
Johanna T. Dwyer DSc, RD
Frances Stern Nutrition Center, New England Medical Center, Boston, MA