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The fastest growing journal in the field, Neurosurgery has earned a worldwide reputation for complete, reliable coverage delivered with a fresh, dynamic outlook. The journal attracts contributions from the most respected authorities in the field to bring neurosurgeons the latest information on innovative surgical techniques and advances in instrumentation.

Your subscription to Neurosurgery includes Operative Neurosurgery, a quarterly journal that focuses exclusively on the operating theater, and highlights operative procedures, anatomy, instrumentation, devices, technology.

Neurosurgery for the iPad is available on the App Store! Full-text access via the app is included with your personal print subscription.


--Original, peer-reviewed articles
--Clinical laboratory reports with comments by expert reviewers
--Quarterly journal, Operative Neurosurgery, is included with your subscription
--Case reports
--Rapid communications
--Sections on instrumentation, technique and technology, topic reviews, socioeconomic issues, institutions and programs, and concepts and innovations
--Free on-line access to individual print subscribers
--Special Supplements