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About the Editor(s)
Table of Contents

This reader-friendly, bimonthly resource provides a powerful, broad-based perspective on the most important advances from throughout the world literature. Featuring renowned guest editors and focusing exclusively on one to three topics, every issue of Current Opinion in Cardiology delivers unvarnished, expert assessments of developments from the previous year.

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--Access to crucial developments from the broadest range of resources
--Current clinical advances in a clear, readable format
--Expert annotations of the relevant original papers
--Comprehensive bibliographic listings from the most respected journals
  • January: Arrhythmias
  • March: Heart transplantation; Pediatrics; Valvular heart disease
  • May: Cardiac failure; Molecular genetics
  • July: Lipids and heart disease
  • September: Imaging and echocardiography; Prevention
  • November: Coronary artery surgery; Ischemic heart disease; Diseases of the aorta, Pulmonary and peripheral vessels

--2012 Impact Factor: 2.564*
--2012 Ranking: 51 of 122 in Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems*
*2012 Journal Citation Reports® (Thomson Reuters, 2013)
Robert Roberts MD
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX