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About the Editor(s)
Table of Contents

Celebrating 35 years of publishing excellence, Health Care Management Review (HCMR) is a peer-reviewed journal that addresses the full range of challenges and concerns busy health care managers and academics face every day. Articles tackle issues that are timely, interest researchers, inform future research, and affect how health care facilities are organized.

Written by leading health care executives and guided by a blue-ribbon panel of experts, the journal presents:

  1. High-level, reader-friendly content to support administrative practice decisions
  2. Strategies for gaining market share including managing reimbursement, sustainable networks and partnerships, and joint ventures
  3. Techniques to thrive amidst the health care workforce shortage, create a positive organizational culture, and motivate staff
  4. Ideas to bridge the gap between clinical practice arenas and administration
--Top-notch leadership skills for today's health care executives
--Community-based health care coalitions
--Implementing clinical information technology in integrated delivery systems
--Ethics mediation and organizational integrity
--Journal Citation Reports Impact Factor: 1.467
L. Michele Issel PhD, RN
Clinical Associate Professor, University of Illinois Chicago Community Health Sciences Division, School of Public Health, Chicago, IL