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About the Editor(s)
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Nurse Educator is the respected, peer-reviewed, resource that nursing faculty and in-service educators turn to for developments and innovations in nursing education. Coverage includes the practice and theory of nursing education, including curriculum and program development, educational philosophy, teaching methods, instructional materials, testing and measurement, and administration.

Nurse Educator helps readers develop results-oriented approaches for educating students in our changing health-care system. Original articles outline the trends that shape nursing education and provide practical guidance on current issues, and practical applied teaching strategies.

An individual subscription includes 6 print issues plus full-text online access to all current and back issues.
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--Theory and practice of nursing education
--Educational philosophy
--Curriculum and program development
--Teaching methods and instructional materials
--Original peer-reviewed articles
--Materials provided regularly for use by educators
--Forward-thinking coverage of the latest experimental learning strategies
--Advice for developing and evaluating on-line courses
--2008 Impact Factor: 0.66
Marilyn H. Oermann PhD, RN, FAAN
Professor, College of Nursing, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI