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Surgical Laparoscopy Endoscopy & Percutaneous Techniques (SLEPT) is designed for surgeons who are committed to providing patients with the best, least invasive treatment appropriate for their condition. Six times a year, this revolutionary journal brings you updates on what is happening now...and what is on the horizon. You will hear about the latest clinical advances and the most exciting new academic research. The latest training techniques in use today and detailed descriptions of operative procedures are also provided. SLEPT offers complete, timely, accurate, practical coverage of laparoscopic and endoscopic techniques and procedures; current clinical and basic science research; preoperative and postoperative patient management; recommendations for management of complications and new developments in instrumentation and technology.

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--Authoritative, peer-reviewed articles
--Timely and in-depth review articles
--Brief clinical reports
--Technique-related with case examples
--New technology and equipment
--Superb, full-color illustrations and sharply rendered drawings