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Table of Contents

Nursing2017 Critical Care provides straightforward content on clinical practice breakthroughs, research findings, quick-response assessments and interventions that reflect the latest critical care standards. Wherever you care for patients - in the ICU, CCU, cath lab, PACU, telemetry, progressive, or transitional care  -each bimonthly issue of Nursing2017 Critical Care offers vital information on topics that take your assessment and intervention skills to the next level.

--Straightforward content digests clinical practice breakthroughs and complex research findings, and offers quick-response assessments and interventions that reflect the latest critical care standards.
--A sample of regular columns written by the nation's leading critical care nurses include:
  • Diagnostic Update: Experienced bedside critical care nurses interpret vital signs, lab results, and diagnostic test results.
  • Topics in Progressive Care: Top-notch telemetry nurses share monitoring requirements in progressive and step-down units.
  • Heart Beats: News and technology specific to cardiac care.