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Table of Contents

Intervention, published thrice yearly, is an international multi-disciplinary journal of mental health, psychosocial work and counseling in areas of armed conflict. The audience includes mental health workers such as psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychiatric nurses, and also for counselors, psychosocial workers and community workers, staff members of NGO's developing mental health or psychosocial projects, and international experts in the field.

Intervention is a publication of the War Trauma Foundation.

The journal publishes articles that:
- Report the practical experience of fieldworkers, so that the experience can become an example for fieldworkers in other regions
- Present a practical approach in such a way that fieldworkers are inspired to try out parts of it in practice, or
- Provide detailed accounts of a project that might inspire others to carry out similar interventions, or
- Describe strategies and processes of fieldwork, or
- Demonstrate how theory can be used in practice and how practical experience challenges theoretical views, thus building a bridge between theory and practice in the field, or
- Based challenge generally accepted theoretical ideas or contribute new concepts, or 
- Provide research data or review literature relevant for fieldworkers, or
- Stimulate the discussion between fieldworkers with diverging approaches and between fieldworkers, academics and policy makers.