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A Journal devoted to the rapid publication of research papers, brief review articles and short communications on genetic determinants in response to drugs and other chemicals in humans and animals. The Journal brings together papers from the entire spectrum of biomedical research and science, including biochemistry, bioinformatics, clinical pharmacology, clinical pharmacy, epidemiology, genetics, genomics, molecular biology, pharmacology, pharmaceutical sciences, and toxicology. Under a single cover, the Journal provides a forum for all aspects of the genetics and genomics of host response to exogenous chemicals: from the gene to the clinic.

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- Original articles
- Review and mini-review articles
- Editorials
- Opinion pieces
- Invited commentaries
- Rapid and short communications
- Correspondence
- PharmGKB summaries

--2011 Impact Factor: 3.485*
--2011 Ranking: 37 of 157 Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology, 48 of 157 Genetics & Heredity, 57 of 261 Pharmacology & Psychology*

*2011 Journal Citation Reports® (Thomson Reuters, 2011)
Matthias Schwab
Dr. Margarete Fischer-Bosche Institute für Klinische Pharmacologie, Stüttgart, Germany
Mark J. Ratain
Cancer Research Center, Chicago, IL, USA